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My name is Tony and I would like to welcome you to my Lapidary studio, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

My commercial cutting venture started in March 1974 when I first offered my services to the Vancouver Jewellery Trade.

I specialise in the restoration and repair of damaged or worn coloured gemstones.

My services include various faceting and other lapidary procedures such as inlay of gem material,  cabochon cutting, hole drilling and custom faceting.

I do not supply rough or finished gem material. I do have an extensive network of suppliers that are usually able to furnish most desired gems and invite your inquiries.

I do not sell equipment or lapidary supplies.  However I do use and willingly recommend various products that I have found to be both efficient and reliable in my workshop.



The following is a list of my site’s contents with descriptions to aid navigation.

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These are copies of some of my posts to various forums and newsletters that I have made over the years. Although some are more than a decade old they still have some relevance and hopefully interest to today’s cutters


My contact information and access page for my Guest Book.

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Pictures and video clips of some gems that have passed through my workshop along with some of my mineral specimen collection.


Some Public domain books and published articles in pdf format for download along with my Gemstone Misnomers page and a Fictional Gems page, both of which invite contributions.


Access page for the Directory of Gem Cutters and Registration form to contribute names and contact information for additional Cutters.


Pictures from around my workshop


My videos on YouTube

Terms and Conditions for Gem Restoration Service

Every care and attention is given to all precious gems entrusted to me for restoration, however a natural gemstone can often have inclusions, cracks or stresses that may affect the expected result. I can only accept liability for synthetic stones that fail during the cutting process. If a natural stone fails, my liability is limited to the cutting fees only.

No work will proceed without prior acceptance to final costs by the owner of the stone and service purchaser if other than owner.

Prices do not include taxes, postage, packing, supply of gem material, jewellers or setters charges.

No guarantees can be given for the success of the restoration if the stone has received impact damage.

No responsibility can be taken for stones damaged in the recutting process that are a result of non-disclosed prior treatment.

All gems must be removed from settings before work can proceed and contracts received with stones still set may incur subcontracted jewellers and/or setters fees

Mounted cabochon stones that are required to be refinished in-situ can not expect a uniform restoration. In the event of dissatisfaction the stone must be removed for repolishing at the owners expense but all fees already paid will be applied to any additional costs.

Typical Restoration Fees.

These prices are published as a guide only, your actual costs are determined following examination of the stone and full restoration requirements of the owner. For the purposes of this price list specialty stones describe gems that are very large, very small, very soft stones such as Apatite or hard stones such as Sapphire and Ruby. A premium of 25% – $33% is typical for such specialty stones

fully re-faceted or faceted C$170.00 to C$300.00

full crown or pavilion only C$100.00 to C$160.00

remove chips or scratches C$ 80.00 to C$120.00

repolish cabochon C$ 70.00 to C$110.00

inlay from $90.00 – $300.00 plus inlay material cost

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