Bad Cuts

Badly cut CZ demonstrating diamond cutting errors

Gems of Fiction

A list of fictitious gemstones featured in literature

Gemstone Misnomers

A list of deceptive, misleading, trade and marketing names


Some Public domain books and some useful published articles to download in pdf format

Public Domain book – 1754
A Treatise on the Ancient Method of Engraving stones.
by Laurentius Natter.1754

Public Domain book -1856
Jewelry and the Precious Stones
by Hipponax Roset.1856

Public Domain book -1860
Antique Gems. their Origin, Uses and Value.
by the Rev. C.W.King. 1860

A book. unknown author unknown year of publication
The magical properties of Crystals

Published article – 2008
SSEF Newsletter October 2008
Trade Alert:
Flux grown synthetic red spinels again on the market
by Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki,

Published article – 2009
A Question Concerning Heat-Treated Blue Sapphires
John I. Koivula and Alethea Inns
GIA Laboratory, Carlsbad

Published article – 2009
Comments on:
“A Question Concerning Heat–Treated Blue Sapphires,
by John I. Kovula and Alethea Inns”
John L. Emmett
Crystal Chemistry
Brush Prairie, WA